Story of Dhola & Maru


The Legend of Dhola and Maru is the Indian version of Romeo-Juliet saga. The princess Maru was from a place called Pugal near Bikaner while Dhola was the young and handsome prince of Gwalior. A terrible drought in Pugal made Maru's (then 2 years old) father shift to Gwalior, which was ruled by his friend, the father of Dhola. He stayed there for three years and before leaving for his hometown, the two kings each promised to get their children married to each other.


However, after a span of 20 years all promise were forgotten and Maru was betrothed to a man called Umra. But destiny prevailed, and bard from pugal who had traveled to Gwalior sang at the royal court about the childhood betrothal of Dhola and Maru. After listening to the song Dhola fell hook, line and sinker for the virtuous princess Maru. With love in his eyes Dhola began wooing Maru who also fell in love with the handsome Dhola. Where two hearts collide there has to be an outcome, and so they decided to run away.


 Umra came to know about their plans and went after them with his brother sumra. The eloping lovers on their Camel with their bows arrows were no match for the Umra-Sumra brothers who had guns. However, they were able to evade the evil brothers and took refuge in a forest. Unfortunately Dhola was bitten by a snake and died on the spot, Maru, thus cheated by her lover, proceeded to weep the death. Luck favored Maru and her cries were heard by Lord Shiva and consort Parvati. Parvati requested her husband to revive Dhola and thus by divine intervention the lovers were united to live happily ever after.