Story of Hadi Rani


“Haldighati” in known across the globe for the chivalrous deeds of the great Maharana Pratap. It is nestled in the middle of the Aravali range. This narrow turmeric coloured mountainous region which played a stellar role in defending the honour of Mewar dynasty, is known as Haldighati.


When Mughal commander attacked this region but had to beat retreat having been licked by the forces led by Maharana Pratap . Employing the guerilla warfare technique, the Rajput forces pushed the Mughals from the royal camp at Badshah Baag to open plains of Rakt Talai (Village Khamnor ). Accustomed to warfare in open plains, the mughal forces fought with Pratap but the outcome was indecisive.


Maharana Pratap, astride his favourite stead “CHETAK” attacked Man singh with his spear killed the mahout while Man Singh managed to escape. During the encounter, one of Chetak’s hind legs was wounded from sword held in the elephant’s trunk creating an emergency. Jhala Maan of Bari Sadri took away the royal insignia from Maharana Pratap who, though wounded himself, was fighting valiantly, and made him leave the battlefield. Jhala Maan died fighting but not before he had forced the Mughal army to back off to the east .

The injured stead “Chetak” ran through the mountains carrying Pratap finally across the stream near village Balicha by jumping over it .There,finding Pratap safe, the loyal stead breathed his last. It would be difficult to find another such example of a Horse’s devotion and loyalty to its master. The memorial stone and tomb of Chetak still exist adding glory to this place.