Story of Pabuji


The Pabu epic follows the life and adventure of Pabuji, a Rajput chieftain/brigand loosely placed in fourteenth century, whose elder brother Buro ji rules at Kolu (Near Jodhpur, Rajasthan). The Pabuji story features episodes called "Pavaros". Pabuji sets up his own court nearby with his loyal followers who include three Rajput and one Raika from lowly camel herding caste. The brothers are in frequent conflict with the Khichi rulers of Jayal. Once they had dispute over hare hunting with Khichi. Even tactical alliance, in which they marry their sister Pema to the ruler Jindrav Khichi, is ultimately of no use.


Among the many adventures of the Pabuji, one took him across the seas to Lanka where Ravana lives, for Pabuji has promised to bring the special red-brown camels of Lanka to give his niece as a wedding gift. On the way to Lanka, Pabuji passes through the kingdom of Umarkot, whose princess falls in love with him; He reluctantly agrees to marry her. Pabuji also has dealing with woman called Deval, a cattle & horse breeder from whom Pabuji acquires a magical black mare "Kesar Kalami". This mare had been promised to Jindrav, who is infuriated and in retaliation he punishes Deval by stealing her cattle. Pabiji is honor-bound to rescue Deval's cattle and abandons his wedding ceremony to do so.


In the First Battle that follows Pabuji spares Jindrav's life out  of consideration for his sister pema who is Jindrav's  wife; but Jindrav returns with his allies and in this second battle Pabuji, his brother Buroji, and his followers are killed. It remains for Pabuji's nephew, and Buroji's son to avenge their death years later when he grow up.