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History of Phad Paintings

Phad scrolls date back approximately to thousand hundred years. It is believed to have been first commissioned by Chochu Bhat, a devotee of Lord Devnarayana and  chronological mentor of Devnarayan's clan.


Devnarayan was a medieval hero venerated as a folk-deity.  He is worshipped as an incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu. According to the legend, he was incarnated in year of 968 ( 911 AD) of Vikram Era (Hindu Calendar) as the son of Gurjar warrior Sawai Bhoj Bagaravat and his wife Sadu Maata Gurjari.


Pabuji is also worshipped as a folk-deity. He lived in 14th century in a remote village known as Kolu, near Jodhpur, in Rajasthan. The Phad represents his divine character as an incarnation of Laxmana (brother of the Rama of the Ramayana Hindu epic story)


History of Phad Painters

The  professional Phads painters called Chitera and are known by the clan name 'Joshi' of the Chipa caste. Joshi is derive from "JYOTSHI" Brahmin Horoscope/Calendar predictor. Earlier Joshi Phad artists were engaged in horoscope/Calendar printing for "Jyotshi" or "Joshi" Brahmins but later they adopted "Jyotshi" profession  and "Joshi" as a surname.


In 10th century Chochu Bhat commissioned Joshi Phad Painter to make Phad painting on Devnarayan's whole life. After seeing that artwork, Devnarayan privileged "Joshi" caste to make Phad paintings and since then "Joshi" are doing Phad painting.


Joshis consider themselves belong from PUR, near Bhilwara city in Rajasthan and in 16th century they migrated to Shahpura. At the end of 19th century some Phad artists, moved from Shahpura to Bhilwara and they established a new seat for Phad Artists.


Shree Lal Joshi, Pradeep Mukherjee and Nand Kishor Joshi, Shanti Lal Joshi are the most noted artists of the Phad painting, who are known for their innovations and creativity. Prakash Joshi  &  Mukut Joshi are successfully following their lineage.

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